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The New York Book Festival 2013 Best Cookbook Winner is...

Alex Mackay's Cookbook for Everybody Everyday

"Alex has put his great desire to help everybody cook, his love of food and his rare abilities into this original and beautiful book. His writing is heartfelt and inspired and he is the best home cook and cookery teacher I know (Except maman Blanc of course!)"



"I have been privileged to watch Alex cook for a number of years, and have tasted most of the recipes, so I can highly recommend this book"  DELIA SMITH


Alex Mackay's Cookbook for Everybody Everyday shows you a whole new way to make everyday food delicious and delicious food every day. No starters, no sweets, just three practical approaches to help you cook your meals and vary them easily. The formula for each hero recipe can grow into endless ideas for different dinners as my methods become familiar and your confidence increases.


I’ve built this site to show you more about how each dish came to life and keep you up to date as I discover new and magical ways to adapt and get the most out of each existing recipe. The extras on this site work alongside the recipes in the book. Each recipe is a tried and tested beauty and the beginning of a perpetual evolution.


So, what shall we cook today?...To get in the mood while you decide, listen to The Happy Song! Click here for my favourite song that everybody should sing every day, by Bret McKenzie 






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"Alex Mackay’s is a clear, bright voice in the world of food writing. Teaching is his forte and this comes across in his honest yet inspiring recipes." 

GUILD OF FOOD WRITERS JUDGES on awarding Alex Cookery Journalist of the Year







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"An inspirational book which will ensure that family meals are never dull."

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Alex Mackay's Cookbook for Everybody Everyday is published by Bloomsbury

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