Sesame chicken with soy, honey, orange & ginger (page 46)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Measure the soy sauce into the cold pan.
  • Measure the honey into the cold pan (unless you are in a rush, this can be quite messy).
  • Grate the ginger with as much supervision as they need.
  • Measure the sesame oil into a cold pan. 
  • Measure the sesame seeds.
  • Zest the oranges. (Do this together quite a few times and always supervise.) 
  • Squeeze one of the oranges. (Explain to your kids why they need to steer clear of any cuts or nicks on their fingers).
  • Peel the second orange. 
  • Put the chicken breasts on the baking tray and make sure the kids wash their hands very well afterwards. Explain to kids that raw chicken can give them food poisoning. 
  • Keep young kids clear of the chilli, I often rub it on my skin or in my eyes and it’ll be terrifying for kids if they do this. Talk to them about it. Then, when you feel they are ready, do it together and make safety part of the preparation routine. Tell them not to touch their eyes or anything else, and wash their hands very thoroughly afterwards.


My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary


Note to readers For the Chicken Breast chapter My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary is less diary-like than the diaries about the other hero ingredients in ADVENTURES WITH INGREDIENTS. This is because I wrote the diary entries as a series of tasting notes which went into the book's recipe introductions, before I decided to write the fuller diaries with this site in mind. I will add to the Chicken Breast Diary as time goes on.

Jake 4 years 6 months, James 1 year 10 months 


This is an excellent dish for kids. Mine love the coating on the chicken, the way the ginger smells when it cooks and the bits of orange in the dressing. Since I tested and wrote this recipe, I've used pieces of orange in new salads to help tempt kids to try them. The technique I use for the oranges in this recipe is much quicker and easier than the traditional way of peeling them with a knife.