Salmon with apple, grapefruit, creme fraiche & watercress (page 58)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Measure the apple juice.
  • Measure the olive oil. 
  • Measure the crème fraiche. 
  • Pick the basil leaves from their stalks.
  • Mix the crème fraiche and basil. 
  • Put the salmon on the tray.
  • Brush the salmon with the dressing. 
  • Put the watercress and apple slices on plates. 

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 8 months, James 2 years less 13 days 

Jake loved this meal; he is eating nearly as much salmon as Jess and I. He ate everything joyfully and then he asked if the apples were cooked as they become soft in the dressing; it was a delicious question.


The watercress had very long stalks which Jake and I sucked up like spaghetti, so watercress has now become salad spaghetti. I served the meal with peas rather than mangetout and just left out the watercress for James, who started really well. He can mash the salmon and peas are no problem but I think he may have been a little confused by the apple slices which he loves but is used to eating later in the meal. He was eating wonderfully, smiling and practising saying 'pea' until he got a bit of basil in the crème fraiche. Then he just stopped eating, as if I had broken his trust and he wouldn’t eat anything else. I'm going to stop trying to get him to eat herbs and leaves for a couple of months, and when I start again I'll chop them really finely. I will also chop the watercress very finely. I'm convinced it's more the texture than the taste they find difficult, but they can’t yet disassociate the two. Jake started eating leafy stuff at about 2 1/2, finely sliced spinach and rocket in a flat omelette. It was something he could cut by himself which helps. I will try this first with James.  


2 weeks later 

This time I cut the apple into cubes before I mixed it with the dressing for James. I left the basil out of the crème fraiche and served his portion with peas and some pre-cooked quinoa. I kept everything very separate on the plate. This may be the answer; it seems that when he finds something he doesn’t like that everything is ruined for him. He ate the whole plateful. I barely spoke as he did so as not to interrupt his rhythm. Gosh I was happy that night. He had just turned 2 the day before so maybe that was it.