Pork chop with beetroot & sweet & sour rhubarb relish (page 86)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

• Measure the orange juice.

• Peel the garlic. Jake and James love banging it to loosen the skin first.

• Grate the ginger with as much supervision as they need.

• Weigh the rhubarb.

• Measure the olive oil.

• Measure the vinegar.

• Measure the watercress.

• Scatter the watercress onto the plates.

• Spoon the yoghurt onto the plates. 

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 5 years 5 months, James 2 years 9 months


We eat sweet and sour food increasingly often and it’s very interesting for me to go back and see where I got such a taste for it. I think it really started with lamb and apricots and olives about 10 years ago. We also use a lot in couscous and wholesome grain salads that we either eat for lunch or Jake takes to school. At some point adding raisins to a salad made them more interesting for the kids. I know we need to be careful about dried fruit as it can get stuck in their teeth and be quite bad for them, but I’ve discovered a great way to combat that. I brush my teeth with my boys after dinner each evening and I just keep saying 'I love brushing my teeth'. Now they both say it and we set a timer on my phone for 2 minutes each time. Jess encourages them to choose their own toothbrushes at the chemist when they need them which also helps. 


Jake loved this meal. James ended up with a great big chop bone.