Pork chop with crunchy crumbs & cauliflower (page 92)

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My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 5 years 5 months, James 2 years 9 months

Jake and James both loved this pork. James came running in when he heard the liquidiser and he had to turn it on and off. He asked me to put his apron on which I was very glad of, but the liquidiser works without the lid on. He could never reach up high enough to put his hand inside, but I hovered and worried the whole time. Earlier in the day, Jess had bought some pasta with the boys, so James was convinced that we were having that, so I had to cook the pasta otherwise James would have gone on strike.


Jake mixed the pasta with his cauliflower puree and some of the breadcrumbs. 'This would make a lovely dish daddy,' he said, and it did. Brilliant stuff Jake, because you can make puree in the same way with carrots, broccoli, Swede, squash, parsnips, peas or onions. I’m sure there are plenty of other vegetables as well; these are just the ones I’ve tried. So, pasta dishes mixed with vegetable purees. I get so fixated on tomato sauce. There's no reason that it couldn’t be another vegetable puree. Get them used to the taste then add vegetable pieces. To make it slightly easier, you don’t have to cook the butter until it is nut brown.