Aubergine with ricotta, Parmesan & orange pepper (page 70)

Switch & Mix

The aubergine can be substituted for the chicken breast on page 41, or the salmon on page 55. You can also cook this recipe with the pork chop from page 83, but in this case don’t baste the chop with the dressing before you start cooking it. Instead, add it to the pan instead of the 4 tbsp water once the pork chop is fried.  Don’t worry about over cooking the chicken, salmon or chop when you put them back into the oven, it’s only 3 minutes which is just enough time to warm the ricotta and Parmesan on top. 

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Brush the aubergine.
  • Measure the olive oil.
  • Measure the red wine vinegar.
  • Make the dressing.
  • Peel the red onion. Start your child off by cutting off the tops with a knife. Then peel the skin just enough to give them something to grip and then pull off. This is extremely satisfying at any age.
  • Peel the garlic. Jake and James love banging it to loosen the skin first.
  • Take and shake the seeds out of the pepper.
  • Measure the currants.
  • Measure the capers.
  • Open the tin with as much supervision as they need. (Jake started doing this at 4 1/2.)
  • Weigh the ricotta.
  • Measure the Parmesan.
  • Mix the Parmesan and ricotta.
  • Pick the basil leaves off the plant.

My cooking with kids recipe diary

Jake 5 years 4 months, James 2 years 8 months

I ate this one on my own. I saw very little of them today. But I’m going to get to the end of this chapter and go to the park with them on the scooters tomorrow. I will try some of this on pita for dinner tomorrow.


4 days later

I finally got round to giving this to James and he pushed it away. 'Give it to Jake,' he said. Jake ate them both, really liked them.