"Your book is in constant use and so easy to understand, especially if I am in a hurry!"


Sally from Norwich via email

"You may remember kindly signing my Mum's cookbook.  Well I gave it to her on her birthday and my Dad made her the pork and apple recipe as a treat (he cooks maybe once a year, probably on her birthday!) and she loved it! If my Dad can do it, anyone can!"


Kate from London via email

I don't collect every cookery book out there, especially not just because of the name on the cover - but this is one of the few books that's actually caught my interest enough to try some foods I've never cooked with before.

Alex is a very practical chef and doesn't expect the average home cook to have hours and hours to spend fiddling with endless detailed processes just for one dinner.

The book is divided into logical and interesting sections of ingredient-specific recipes but there's also so much more.

* Sensible suggestions about how to make your own kitchen a more practical and enjoyable environment

* Clarification of common cooking terms

* Excellent photos of each recipe

* Practical explanations regarding cooking equipment types and reasons for making a good choice

* Excellent photo sequences showing how to carve a chicken etc

* Informative ABC of Vegetables, seasonality and their prep' methods

Somehow Alex has managed to make words on a page actually seem encouraging - the down to earth delivery and presentation makes it comfortable and interesting for the experienced and novice cook alike.

It's rare for me to recommend a book to anyone but this is a definite exception. I've even sent a copy over to my sister-in-law in Canada!

Now I actually look forward to trying new things!


K Chamberlain via Amazon

"We are delighted with the book, it looks beautiful and Peter's photography looks incredible"


Peter from London via email

 0 out of 5 stars Super super cookbook

I loved this cookery book and have used it more than any other I have ever bought. Very useful as most recipes are for two people.




Philip Read on Amazon

"Everytime I cook from it, it reminds me how much thought, dedication and imagination was put into it.  It has transformed the way I cook at home!  Magic Fridge is my favourite section"


Natalie from London via email

"I met you at a Delia Day in Norwich in 2010, you said your cookbook would be out in 2012, it was & it is totally brilliant, I am just one person in the world living in Adelaide, Australia, your cookbook has changed my life ( regarding cooking, that is! ) I gave a copy to a friend who also does not find cooking naturally easy but her Husband started to read your book every night from beginning to end & one who never cooked ever, is now cooking three nights a week, so thank you from Him & his Wife & me :)"


Alison Lee in Adelaide via website


"Have now looked in more detail, and what a splendid idea - and how beautifully Bloomsbury has produced it - with marvellous photographs by Peter Knab.  It's based on very creative, domestic culinary thinking, which I think is a great selling point.  Much more useful for the average cook than the musings of a two-star chef....I hope it sells and sells."


Susan in London via email 

"I have also given it to many of my friends and they love it too and have all said what an amazing cookbook it is and they love the simple recipes! So you are officially a Masterchef - STAR!!"


Fiona in London via email

 "I just wanted to tell you that I made your baked salmon, with mushy peas and chunky tomato ketchup from our June issue.  I made it yesterday for Father’s day and it was a roaring success. 

Honestly, it was absolutely delicious and the peas! I normally eat boiled peas because I know they are good for you, but I will definitely be doing these again.  But it wasn’t just the peas, it was all of it! I also made some chunky skin on chips to go with it.

So yeah, I just wanted to let you know and to say a massive THANK YOU for the wonderful recipe."


Bella from London via email

"If you're looking for the perfect all round cook book, this is it! Great design & layout makes it easy to find recipes based on your available ingredients & EVERYTHING looks delicious!!"


Unity Books in Wellington, Staff Picks

"Just a note to say I am enjoying the book, everything is so clear and easy to do"


Sally from Norwich via email

"Made glazed burgers with sweet potato fries and cucumber salad for dinner last night. The recipes come from Alex Mackay's cookbook for "Everybody Everyday".  Loved the orange juice in the salad and in the sauce for the burger.  Thanks Alex, it was yummy!"

Jan via Facebook

"Not only does it look gorgeous – I've already been ooh-ing and aah-ing over recipes that caught my eye – but it's also a brilliant idea to take a basic and then play with it....I am really pleased to have it, and I know I'll enjoy cooking from it."


Sarah from Surrey via email

@alexmackaycooks Enjoying your recipes from Everybody Everyday. Tasty & practical.


Anne Cheng from London via Twitter

"I became very excited when flicking though a few pages.  Today, once the housework is done, I intend to go through it properly and plan some meals for the next few weeks - it really is my type of cooking with not many pans to wash up!"


Penny from Norfolk via email

"Your book arrived and I sat up last night reading it. What a good idea! Thought it worked really well. I'm going to buy some more and give them to my nieces and god daughter! "


Elaine via Facebook

"I've just received the book and have already started salivating! It looks really good and I can almost hear you talking through the recipes."


Heather from Dereham via email

"We found your demo to be brilliant - we also bought your book (which you kindly signed for us) which is also brilliant - my wife is a very good cook but with your recipes she's now even better."


Roger from Southport via email

"Love your new cookery book. So many great recipes."


Jane via Twitter 

"Thank you for your beautiful book - it really is a stunning piece of work from the design & layout to the genuinely mouthwatering photography and of course the superb recipes - exactly my kind of food, love it, thank you!"


Chris from North Norfolk via email

"I'm using "Everybody Everyday"- every day! ahaha...loving it"


Donna via Facebook

"I can’t put the book down its super, it looks as if I’ll be in the kitchen for most of the weekend!"


Alan from London via email

@alexmackaycooks Just been reading Everybody Everyday & your recipe intros tug at my heartstrings - lovely writing. Made me hungry now too!


Deborah Roberts-Barter from West Sussex via Twitter

"I just had to let you know that I took your advice, asked for kitchen volunteers this evening and got two small and enthusiastic if messy cooks to help me. We only did plain pasta with cheese and butter but they weighed and measured and grated and had fun. My eldest, Izzy, nearly 7, then asked to try the basil I was shredding on mine and she likes it! And she didn't have ketchup!


Thank you, I am in awe ;)"


P.S "We're making Jake's meatballs (page 136) for Izzy's birthday tea on Friday"


Zoe French from Ely via Email

 "I got back from the market on Saturday to find my copy of "Everybody Everyday" waiting for me and, as I had a couple of mackerel and a chicken, I dived in. I won't bore you by walking through the results, save to say: this book really works!

You've hit a big gap in the market, at least to my knowledge. The logical construction of the book, the precision of the recipes, your focus on main courses, extrapolation of the "core" preparations, use of supermarket ingredients  - it really is wonderful. This should become one of those bibles and I wish you colossal global success."

James Mellersh, Notting Hill Via Email 

"I LOVE your cookery book. First of all I want to cook EVERYTHING which is the biggest praise I can give a cookery book, especially as I'm very lazy about following recipes. Secondly it's gorgeous to look at - just my kind of food, zingy, packed with flavour, full of colour and healthy… “Anyway very very best of luck with it - I hope it sells like hotcakes. It deserves to fly off the shelves.”

Casilda Grigg, London Via Email 

Casilda Grigg is the co-author-of goodbye Cockroach Pie  

"I want to congratulate you on your excellent book. Doing the recipes for 2 people was an inspiration, I live alone and it isn't always easy to be motivated to experiment with new recipes so a big thank you. p.s. I love the inclusion of ideas for children and hearing about your family. This book will make a great wedding present and for new parents too."


Jane in Bristol via email

"I am writing to let you know that I have never enjoyed a cook book as much as I am enjoying “Everybody Everyday”!  I am literally working / cooking my way through it.  It has opened my eyes to different ways of cooking and really are so easy and logical.  The way you have put the flavours together too is outstanding.  I also feel like you are standing there giving me a cooking lesson."

Wendy from Auckland, New Zealand, via email 

"I have to say Everybody Everyday is fantastic.  I have been using it almost everyday.  Curried salmon with mango salsa is stunning.  I am working on my magic fridge and we enjoyed bacon wrapped chicken salad with garlic butter this evening - gorgeous.  What has struck me most is how quickly I can use the ingredients I always buy and always have in the house in new ways and combinations to create brilliant dishes with superb flavours.  I really hope it's a roaring success - it absolutely deserves to be."


Roger & Nerida from London, England, via email 

 0 out of 5 stars Extremely useful 

By Loulou
This book has a fantastic idea behind it: the teaching of a few simple, core skills (i.e. how to cook a salmon fillet perfectly) and then expands on each of these with a huge number of possible recipes. Even each of these has variations for changing things up depending on what you have in the cupboard. It's a very practical book that understands how real people really are in the kitchen (me and my mother, at least!), offering good tips for managing to cook something everyday without being at all patronising or didactic about healthy eating, fancy ingredients, etc. I think it's a really nice book, the writing is lively and engaging, the recipes are just the sort of achievable, contemporary cooking that I like, and I think it is probably perfect for busy mums (there's advice about which recipes are good to puree for your baby, freeze for later, etc). So, yes - highly recommendedAmazon Verified Purchase

"Congratulations on the launch of the book, Simon and I are working our way through the recipes and had the lamb tagine for dinner yesterday which was fabulous"

Paula from Oxfordshire, England, via Facebook 

Can heartily recommend @alexmackaycooks ‘Everybody Everyday’. My new favourite cook book. Lentil Moussaka in the oven as I type. Smells delish.

Tom Bromley @BromleyEsq via twitter 

"Tell your mates and go buy the book , Alex is a natural communicator and teacher and this book would become as valuable a tool in the kitchen as a vegetable peeler - great intro for new cooks + inspiration for those more skilled"


Grant from Wellington, New Zealand, via email 

"I like the concept of taking one ingredient (mother recipe) and explaining how to adapt it to make other dishes.  I already do that quite a lot but your book has accelerated my learning on how to do this even more – thank you!  I think it is especially good that you share top tips and tricks!"


Nina via email

"It's as much about principles as it is about recipes.  And passing on your own personal ideas and experiences.  There's a nice personal tone to the writing.   And I can see the distillation of top restaurant experience into helpful pointers.  


I particularly like the constant suggestions about feeding kids.  This is something we have to plan for when the grandchildren (all under four years old) come to stay.  I had already discovered the usefulness of lentils, and your suggestions provide some additional ideas on ringing the changes."


Roger from Gloucestershire, England, via email