5 Tips for kids seasonings


I eat far too much salt and if my kids don’t see me adding salt, they don’t ask for it.  Knowing that their salt intake is entirely my fault was a good lesson. They’ve helped me use less.  

No salt

No salt is the best starting point for kids; they don’t know it and they don’t need it. Not just for health reasons, but so they can get used to all sorts of tastes that aren’t salty. Then when they are faced with tastes that are more delicate, they don’t consider them bland. When you dish up, serve kids portions then add the salt to yours.   

Talk about salt

Further down the line, when you do add salt, talk about it, get them used to the idea that just adding a little is a good idea. When we talk about it I explain that too much salt hides the other flavours. 

Instead of salt

Try other seasonings. New flavours will be no problem if you start with a little spice, lemon juice or herb, and then gradually increase it. Too much will put kids off straight away. Mild curry powder is a good example – gentle and sweet so long as you don’t use too much. 

The magic of seasoning

Add the bulk of stronger spices after you take out the kids portions. Or simply put less onto your chicken breast, salmon fillet or aubergine for kids. Never hide flavours, just introduce them gradually. Get kids to smell spices in the kitchen, before and after they are cooked. This is part of the transformation, the magic of seasoning...