Alex Mackay's Cookbook for Everybody Everyday is more than a collection of recipes, it's a whole new way to cook. As you get to know the formula for each recipe you can help it grow into endless ideas for meals that depend on your mood or the ingredients you have at hand. Recipes live and grow as we cook them and this website is a way to keep their story going. The extras are ongoing and ever expanding additions but their identity always comes from the pages of the book.  


The recipes in EVERYBODY EVERYDAY are in three sections...


THE MAGIC FRIDGE, pages 124-223

SLOW COOK SORCERY, pages 224-319


  • Click on a tab above for the section of the book you want to cook from
  • Click on a chapter to the left i.e. Pasta pilaf / Tomato compote / Roast chicken
  • Click the recipe you want to cook and your extras will come up 


The extras so far are...


Switch & Mix

I’ll show you which recipes will work by simply changing the main ingredient or preparation from one dish in EVERYBODY EVERYDAY to another. I never leave the pages of the book to do this, I simply look at them with a different appetite. The EVERYBODY EVERYDAY recipes are a joyful part of our lives and I keep discovering new ways to Switch & Mix them.

For example, from ADVENTURES WITH INGREDIENTS you can make the sauce for the salmon and sprout recipe on page 64 for a pork chop or chicken breast. In SLOW COOK SORCERY you can make the warm lamb 'tagine' on page 258 with leftover roast chicken that you scrape off the carcass on page 231.  You can Switch & Mix if you just want to try something different or if you want to eat salmon but your friend is a vegetarian and wants aubergine.

I have only suggested Switch & Mix for recipes that are just as delicious after the switch. 


Practical Playtime / Jobs For The kids

I've gone through each recipe and made a list of everyday jobs that young kids can do. It saves you having to sift through your chosen recipe. You can just look at the list, share out the jobs and start cooking together. You will always need to decide how much you need to supervise your kids as they do each job. I give suggestions based on my experience where I can. 




My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

For most of the recipes I include a quick dairy entry about how my kids reacted to them, so that we could follow how they ate as they grew. I've noted their ages with each one (with a lot of help from Jess). As I wrote the diaries, I wished I'd started after my eldest was born so I had a record of his eating habits and when he started eating certain things, to compare with the habits of my youngest. My fatherly worries are noted too, as are some of the pleasures and rewards. These are sometimes completely unrelated to the food. 

You can print them out as I'd probably do, or if you are more gismo minded, just keep the paper pages of your EVERYBODY EVERYDAY book open with smart phone or tablet open on the relevant webpage. 

For the gismo minded

Book by phone

More Extras Coming Soon...

Over the coming months we'll be adding these extras to the recipes they suit



In EVERYBODY EVERYDAY, I suggest at the bottom of some of the recipes how you can cook an extra portion of a hero ingredient when you make your dinner, so that you've got the start for a portable or plated meal the next day. The lunch box ideas are for all ages, are not limited to sandwiches and they make great economic sense in both time and money terms. As I continue to cook the recipes and make more lunches for my increasingly hungry boys, I'll add more ideas here. Click here for my lunch box blog


Stories and links behind the recipes and introductions

There are some very dear people I've met and worked for over the years, many of whom have inspired me in one way or the other. These extra stories may be about the people or events that inspired the recipe but unrelated to what we'll actually cook, or they may simply be links to their work. Or it may be a link to a story about salmon that I find very interesting. It'll occasionally be quirky and sometime relate to other parts of my life. I am hoping that it may also help me get my memories in order.