"This is one of the few books that's actually caught my interest enough to try some foods I've never cooked with before"

"Alex has managed to make words on a page actually seem encouraging"

"It's rare for me to recommend a book to anyone but this is a definite exception"


"Now I actually look forward to trying new things!"


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"He is a natural teacher and communicator"


"His book is pitched to reach a kitchen novice ... yet still inspire the more experienced"


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"I knew it was going to be great when I'd got about half way through my first flick-through and had to stop putting post-it notes against the ones I wanted to make, because ten is too big a for a to-cook list."


"I've learned so many things from this book that I've stuck straight into my everyday repertoire"


"It is a book that reads very well, and eats even better"..."This is a truly good cookery book – add it to your shelf now."


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"An inspirational book which will ensure that family meals are never dull"


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"I wish I had owned this book years ago"......"This book is a winner"
"Alex Mackay’s Cookbook for Everybody Everyday literally has something for everyone.  With 126 recipes, I can see it getting a lot of use in the kitchen.  At least twice a week, maybe more, I certainly have not put it down"


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"We really like this book, it’s very practical and down to earth, and as the title suggests is full of ideas that anyone can master"


"Taking basic ingredients that are available to everyone he creates delicious and wholesome recipes, perfect for your main meal of the day" ... "Highly Recommended!"


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