Melting lamb, pepper, lentil & artichoke tian (page 248)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Take and shake the seeds out of the pepper.
  • Measure the olive oil.
  • Open the tins with as much supervision as they need. (Jake started doing this at 4 years 6 months.) 
  • Pick the basil leaves from their stalks. 
  • Scoop the hearts out of the cooked artichoke hearts with a teaspoon.
  • Mix the cold lamb mixture. 
  • Measure the grated Parmesan.

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 6 months, James 1 year 10 months

This is a very easy dish to eat and the rich taste and softness of the lamb has made it a real success with my kids. We have always eaten a lot of Puy lentils and they are fantastic from weaning onward. I keep tins, pouches and dried in my kitchen.