Duck with roast gravy, fried potatoes & chorizo (page 284)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Pick the spikes off the rosemary.
  • Measure the vinegar.
  • Peel the garlic. Jake and James love banging it to loosen the skin first.

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 9 months, James 2 years 1 month

First Try


We had just come back from a fair and the boys were very tired. Jake loves this meal which we’ve now eaten plenty of times. Happily James went for it with the spuds and the duck as well. I had kept him some boiled potatoes, as I thought he might have problems with the crust on the fried ones, but I didn’t have to use them as he loved the crispy spuds. He didn’t eat the fried chorizo, but he had eaten a thin slice in the bath the night before, so I think it was just because the sausage was chewier after being fried. Do keep some boiled potatoes if you are going to make a puree though, also for the tiny and toothless who won’t be ready for the crust.


In the evening we usually have some fruit and/or fruit yogurt after our main meal. After this meal, James wouldn’t eat the skin on his apple for the first time ever. This reminded me that Jake didn’t start eating apple skin regularly until he was about 3. I used to peel apple quarters with a knife and eat the skin while he ate the flesh. After a while he wanted to eat only the skin that I had cut off, then he wanted both but separately, then one day he just started eating the whole lot. Remembering this while I watch how well Jake eats now is vital for my morale because at the moment James seems to eat fewer and fewer things. He doesn't even eat some things he used to love. I wish I had recorded Jake’s progress earlier, but this apple example has reminded me that it is up to us to keep trying. And keep trying I will.


The Next Day


It was just me and James and he wasn’t so keen this time. I’d kept some couscous from Jake’s school lunch salad to serve on the side and he had a little of that with a bit of duck. He has these little bursts of eating. A couple of mouthfuls then he would stop, moan for a while then start again. He was freshly woken from his afternoon sleep and I think he was just a bit uninterested. It might just be that he doesn’t feel as hungry at lunch time as he does in the evening. But there have been other times when it has been best to give him something the second he has gotten up. It wasn’t one of these times. In the end I finished it off for him and then we played football in the lounge.