Mackay's lentil pie (page 314)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Open the tin with as much supervision as they need. (Jake started doing this at 4 & 1/2.)
  • Peel the garlic. Jake and James love banging it to loosen the skin first.
  • Measure the olive oil.
  • Measure the milk.
  • Weigh the lentils.
  • Measure the vegetable stock.
  • Measure the raisins. (Try not to eat too many.)
  • Put all of the puree ingredients in the cold saucepan.
  • Blend the puree in the food processor with as much supervision as they need.
  • If the lentils and puree are cool enough, they can spread them into the pie dishes.
  • Brush the filo pastry with oil.
  • Put the filo pastry on top of the pies.

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 5 years 5 months, James 2 years 8 months


Jake just came in with some photos of a Lego digger he made, that he took on my phone.


'There are six, you can send some to your friends and keep one for you,' he said. So each picture he’s taken with the idea that they are not throw away digital images, but pictures he has made especially for me. I keep everything he does. Each effort is priceless. I remember him saying about a picture he drew, maybe on this exact day last year, or the year before, because it must have been a Valentines Day card. 'You and mummy can share.' I don’t want this to change. I don’t want him to grow up.


They’ve been away for three days and my rhythm gets completely confused when they're away. I’ve got four recipes for them to taste. James went to bed, but Jake really enjoyed this pie. James’s progress continued while he was away. He ate his carrots at Nanna’s and tried some of the cabbage from her allotment. He didn’t eat it and I wouldn’t expect him to eat leafy vegetables yet, but I’m encouraged he gave it a go. God it’s good to have them all back.