Recipes suitable for dairy free diets

Baked chicken breasts (page 41)

Sesame chicken with soy, honey & ginger (page 46)

Casey's glazed chicken with corn & chilli relish (page 50)


Baked salmon fillets (page 55)

Paprika salmon with fennel & balsamic tomato dressing (page 56)

Salmon, mushy peas & chunky sunblush tomato ketchup (page 60)

Roast aubergine (page 69)


Aubergine with glazed tofu, fried broccoli & chilli (page 72)


Spinach, onion & chorizo giant couscous pilaf (page 106)


Tapenade (page 145)

Grilled sardines with tomato tapenade sauce & beans (page 148)

Sea bream with tapenade, artichokes & sunblush tomatoes (page 150)

Rib-eye steak with tapenade, red pepper & broad beans (page 152)


Soft, sweet, sticky onions (page 161)

Chicken with jerk spice, sticky onions & sweet potatoes (page 164)

Bangers with brown sauce & onion gravy (page 170)


Tomato compote (page 177)

My last meal mussels with tomato compote (page 184)

Duck breast with tomato, olive, fennel seeds & orange (page 186)

Eggs, ham, potatoes baked in tomato compote (page 188)


My green curry paste (page 209)

Beef, vegetable & noodle broth with green curry paste (page 212)

Chicken legs with fennel, tomatoes & green curry paste (page 214)

Braised sea bream with prawn & green curry broth (page 216)

Mussels with green curry paste, rice noodles & apple juice (page 218)

Salmon with chickpeas, tomatoes & green curry paste (page 220)

Pork with green curry paste, orange, radish & carrot salad (page 222)


Roast chicken (page 229) (do not use optional butter)

Sticky chicken with marmalade, fennel & grapefruit (page 234)

Roast chicken with apple & black pudding (page 236)

Baked tomatoes with chicken, couscous, dried figs & ginger (page 238)


Braised lamb shoulder (page 245)

Lamb salad with walnuts, shallots, beans & bacon (page 254)

Warm lamb 'tagine' (page 258)


Glazed roast duck (page 277)

Duck with roast gravy, fried potatoes & chorizo (page 284)

Duck patties with hoisin sauce & stir-fried vegetables (page 286)

Warm duck, beetroot & orange salad with cranberry salsa (page 290)


Braised mackerel (page 293)

Mackerel, prawn, chorizo & lentil gumbo (page 300)

Mackerel & couscous baked in cabbage with ras-el-hanout (page 302)


Richly braised lentils (page 307)