Lamb chops with tomatoes, olives, fried potatoes & pesto (page 134)

Switch & Mix

This would be lovely and extremely powerful with the tapenade on page 145 in place of the pesto. Use 3 tbsp of tapenade rather than 4 so that it doesn't overpower everything else. The recipe is also lovely, if more subtle, with the tomato compote on page 177 instead of the pesto. No other changes are needed.  

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Weigh or count the potatoes.
  • Measure the vegetable oil.  
  • Count the baby plum tomatoes (you don’t have to, but just for fun). 
  • Take the olive stones out. Teach them to do it by first pinching the tips, then squeezing out the stones. (This is a great job to teach them.)
  • Zest the lemon. (Do this together quite a few times and always supervise.) 
  • Squeeze the lemon (explain to kids why they need to steer clear of any cuts or nicks on their fingers). Measure the juice.
  • Measure the pesto.
  • Measure the extra virgin olive oil. 


My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Casey 7, Jake 4 years 6 months, James 1 year 10 months

My sons and goddaughter all love olives. But they’re an acquired taste, so you could chop them into small pieces, use less or just leave them out. The lamb shoulder chops are pleasantly chewy but chewy all the same. I have a quandary about this as I think it’s important for kids to learn to chew but there is also no point forcing the issue and then putting them off. But try, keep trying.