Pork with green curry paste, orange, radish & carrot salad (page 222)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Measure the curry paste.
  • Brush the curry paste onto the pork the first time.
  • Separate the pak-choi leaves.
  • Squeeze and measure the lemon juice.
  • Measure the olive oil.
  • Mix the salad with a spoon. (Careful of the chilli on their hands.) 

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 11 months, James 2 years 3 months

4 days later

 Jake loves this salad; he gets really excited about the orange and the crunchy pak-choi. He has a way of saying 'oh, lovely' at the moment that I want to wrap up and keep close to my heart forever. 

About a month into our concentrated strictness and my less anxious approach, it feels like we're starting to make real progress with James. Today we got him to crunch on the pak-choi stalks by playing a game where we all crunched at the same time. I had some spare ribs that I had first poached for five minutes before grilling and I gave James one of those as well as a small slice of belly pork. He ate most of the rib so I ate his belly pork and thanked him for sharing it with me. 

It was when we asked him to finish the salad that things got hard. He first threw it all onto Jess’s plate along with his half chewed rib. 'Finished,' he said. 'Yogurt.' It's very hard not to laugh out loud, but we kept putting the food back onto his plate and after 15 minutes he eventually tried and quickly ate his orange. He kept saying 'fruit' like he was surprised to find it in his dinner. Then he ate a bit of carrot which I’m sure he likes but just can’t be bothered with. We just need him to keep trying. Mixing orange or grapefruit and also apple in salads is a good way to introduce kids to the other salad ingredients. 

Jess and I wanted him to finish his rib. He refused until he saw Jake and me begin to eat our yogurts. He quickly polished his off and ate a yogurt and a sliced kiwi fruit. Jake eats his kiwi fruit 'like Grandpa Bill', my dad, showed him. I cut it in half and then he scoops out the flesh with a spoon. He likes these in his lunch box as well. 
First Try


I first tested this recipe with pork ribs which James ate but he didn’t want the meat on its own. I found this very curious, as I thought it would have worked the other way around. Chewing is obviously not a problem, it's the same with chicken and duck, so why doesn’t he eat a tender slice of anything? I had a little surprise in the garden too when he picked a small runner bean straight from the plant and was quite happy to crunch on that.  This seems like very limited help as I’m sure most of you don’t have this option, but going to a 'pick-your-own farm' can be great education wrapped up in fun. Anything to get them closer to the food they eat.