Salmon with chickpeas, tomatoes & green curry paste (page 220)

Practical playtime / Jobs for the kids

  • Do everything up to the point of putting the salmon in the oven.

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 11 months, James 2 years 3 months
First Try

 James did very well with this until about halfway through. It's as if he stops being completely hungry so loses interest. I give him very small portions and he ate almost all of his salmon with the curry on top. He also ate one chickpea which started to feel like a victory until he got rid of it. I had served some rice on the side and he ate a little of that. Because we’ve had very little routine for the last two weeks it's a struggle to get back into it and he didn’t finish his dinner. So we decided we would start not giving him any milk. He screamed for about an hour. But strangely he didn’t wake up in the night as he has been doing for the last couple of months. It becomes clearer as I write; this may well be the period of time since he started not eating properly. 

Jake loves his fish and ate everything up except about half of his chickpeas. I tested three versions the next day. Casey was with us for lunch and she ate it all up except for the parts of the salmon that were thickly spread with the green curry paste. It was the first time she’d eaten green curry so I was delighted. She is getting more and more adventurous.  
 The next day
After breakfast this morning Jake said to me, 'something wasn’t right with the chickpeas in that recipe dad. They were too hard!' He didn’t eat them which is unusual for him. He also said they were bitter, a word I’d taught him just a day earlier but I couldn’t explain exactly what it meant. So he used it for something he didn’t want to eat. I'll get the dictionary out tonight. This can be a problem with pulses that you cook yourself, but I’ve never found it with tinned ones before. I’m going to test again to see if it has something to do with them being cooked in foil.


That afternoon
I did the final version of the salmon with the same supermarket brand of chickpeas, no problem at all. I think I gave Jake the version that wasn’t saucy enough. After eating a few, they become very dry in the mouth, mealy almost. Once again this shows how important it is to consider texture as much as taste for kids.  The taste is immeasurably better with the lime and coconut cream added last minute too.