Bangers with brown sauce & onion gravy (page 170)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

With complete supervision, this would be a good recipe for older kids to make start to finish, except for the part where I add the vinegar to the hot pan. Keep them clear of that. 

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 5 years 3 months, James 2 years 7 months

Jake and James liked this a lot. We ate it with soft polenta because I didn’t have time to make any mash and all my sprouts and kale in the garden were covered in snow. I first introduced my kids to polenta with the help of sausages and mash, and now they love it. This means they get more variety and I can knock up a great panful in 3 minutes rather than the 20 minutes I need to make mash. Casey doesn’t like the onions, but she will eat onions in a shepherd’s pie. So she ate the sausages with the polenta. 

We had our pumpkin soup as a starter, from a pumpkin Jake had planted and ever since we’d first read 'Pumpkin Soup' I’d promised Casey we’d make the soup together.


Making the pumpkin soup was lovely. It was great to cook a full recipe that involved a lot of preparation and for Jake and Casey to do practically all of it and really want to do it.


This also showed me the value of an older child's influence. Jake wanted to stop chopping after a couple of pieces of pumpkin but Casey wanted to continue peeling the pumpkin and because she did, Jake continued chopping and really got into it.


We made the soup in the afternoon while I was testing the tartiflette and they all came in to have a go at turning on the blender when we blended the soup in the evening.


James will come rushing in with the sound of any kitchen kit. He ate some of the pumpkin soup too but he mainly enjoyed painting it onto his bread with the back of his spoon.