My salute to the tartiflette of my youth (page 174)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Peel the potatoes.
  • Weigh the onions.
  • Measure the cream.
  • Measure the stock.
  • Pour the cream and stock over the top. Be careful as the potatoes will still be a bit hot.

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 5 years 3 months, James 2 years 7 months

Jake and Casey ate this with me after we’d made pumpkin soup together pretending to be the characters from Helen Cooper’s wonderful book 'Pumpkin Soup'.


It was a big Muscade de Provence pumpkin that Jake had planted himself and it was a little soft. We cut it up together and I helped them scoop out the seeds. I sliced it into wedges, Casey peeled them and Jake chopped it up. As there as no-one in the story that peels the pumpkin Casey had to be an imaginary rabbit. She was also the duck as she seasoned the soup. I started off as the cat, but then Jake became the cat because he chopped up the rest of the pumpkin. We were all the squirrel at some stage. 

Casey has never eaten pumpkin soup. I hope she’ll like it. Every time James hears the timer, a blender or the microwave he runs into the kitchen. He doesn’t want to taste anything but he wants to be in the kitchen and wants to play with the machines and weigh and brush. It is my little hive. 
We tried the crème fraiche instead of whipping cream and James ate quite a bit. Then he stopped on his last two forkfuls. He is so stubborn. Even with us eating ice cream in front of him he wouldn’t finish. He keeps telling me to 'stop it' and banging his hand on the table. 

James and Jake are having little conversations now and I am completely enchanted by them. Jake asked if James could go back to his old place where the cot was because Jake can’t see him in the bunk underneath.