Mushroom, tapenade, beetroot & goat's cheese pie (page 156)

Switch & Mix

You can switch the tapenade with the same quantity of the pesto from page 129. No other changes are needed. 

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Mix the beetroot and goats cheese together. (Make sure the kids are not wearing anything precious.) 
  • Make their own filo pies.
  • Measure and whisk together the dressing. 

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 8 months, James 2 years

Jake loved the fact we were having a pie. I had some bits of broken filo that I baked on the side too. He just adores anything crispy.  But the surprise element of the firm beetroot inside might have been a bit tricky for James. 


The next day

Jake made his own pie. He also made a little one in a triangle for James. It doesn’t matter at all if these are irregular when kids can make them themselves. I chopped James’s filling a lot smaller this time and he ate it.


A month later

Jake loved it again. He actually ate a portion the same size as Jess and I. James had a go but spat it out. We have been travelling a lot over the last month. Things haven’t been as routine and we have been leaving things off his plate and I have been sitting him on my lap and finishing too many of them. I’m going to try again tomorrow and I am going to grate the mixture. I know this will work, he used to love beetroot. I remember those nappies!


Another week later
 Today I tried every option and combination of these ingredients that I could and I ended up with three pies that were all lovely. 1) Everything mixed together with no crème fraiche. 2) The goats cheese separate, beetroot underneath, no crème fraiche. 3) Everything mixed together with crème fraiche. 

Jess and I tasted them first; we both liked 2 and 3 and agreed that a combination of the separate layer of goats cheese and the creamy beetroot was ideal. Then George (11) from next door, Casey and Jake all came to try them. Interestingly, maybe because it was a crisp, tempting looking pie, none of them even asked what was in it. James watched but wouldn’t try. They all liked 3, so I combined 2 and 3 and finally that was it. But, for younger kids (between 4 and 11 according to my research) chop up the cheese and mix everything together.