Rib-eye steak with tapenade, red pepper & broad beans (page 152)

Switch & Mix


You can switch the 2 tbsp tapenade with 3 tbsp of the pesto on page 129. No other changes are necessary. 

You can switch the tapenade with 50g of the garlic butter (page 193) cut into cubes. If you make this switch you need to leave out the final 1 tbsp of extras virgin olive oil and then stir the garlic butter into the pan juices over a very gentle heat until it is all melted, rather than take the pan off the heat as for the tapenade. No other changes are necessary. 

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Peel their own broad beans!
  • Spread the tapenade onto the steak.
  • Pick the basil leaves off the stalks.
  • Squeeze the orange.

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 10 months, James 2 years 2 months

I cooked this steak late in the evening so neither Jake nor James got a chance to try it. We don’t eat steak often but when we do, if I slice the meat into manageable sized pieces for them they both really enjoy it. They both love the roast beef their Nanna makes when we stay with her as well. As I do, she roasts it to medium. There is no point in cooking it well done as it is just drier and chewer and at a young age they have no reason to want it like this.


Ribeye is a good steak for kids because it is bother tender and moist. For perfectly pink meat fry it medium rare, then rest it for about 5 minutes. I’ve tried serving them rump which is a bit chewier. I sliced it thinly and Jake ate all of his but James only tried one slice. I think chewing is an important and enjoyable part of eating so I’ll keep trying. 

Peeling the broad beans is a great little game to play together in the kitchen. Boil the beans in advance, drop them into cold water then drain them. (You can warm them in the microwave later.) You then nip off the tops, squeeze, then pop the tender beans out of their skins. I started by nipping off all of the tops while Jake did the squeezing and popping.


As soon as James sees me in the kitchen with Jake, he runs to get his little stool to come and join us. But now when I offer him a taste, he doesn’t want it. Before, he would come to the stair gate at the kitchen doorway and eat beans out of my hand or suck bits of tapenade off my finger. Could it be that eating is just not that important to him at the moment? He wants to do everything and be involved and he wants to feed Jess and me. He just doesn’t want to eat himself.


I’m not giving up, I'll try him on a bit of this steak tonight and I’ll try it with the broccoli that he used to eat like an ice cream.


Chop the steak and puree the rest with as much or as little tapenade as you like for the tiny and toothless. The mixture can be frozen.