Sweet potato, bacon & tapenade tart (page 158)

Switch & Mix

You can switch the tapenade for equal quantities of the soft, sweet, sticky onions on page 161, or the tomato compote on page 177. In either case spread the entire 5 tbsp (2 & 1/2 tbsp for each tart) over the pastry before you put the sweet potatoes on top rather than serving some on the side as I suggest with the tapenade. 

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Make their own tarts.
  • Mix the glaze.
  • Brush the tarts with the glaze. 

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 4 years 10 months, James 2 years 2 months


Jake gets very excited about anything on or in pastry. I think there is the feeling of a treat attached to a tart and a sense of mystery in a filled pie. He is also an olive fiend so this was perfect for him; he could have eaten a whole one. James didn’t want any. Jess even tried giving him the pastry on its own without any luck. Luckily I’d served some of the penne with squash that he really liked on the side, so he picked out all of the kale, gave it to Jess and ate the penne with squash. Ho hum. 

Just before I started writing this, I picked up James from the child minder and asked her about it. I was cuddling James while we talked and he smiled mischievously throughout. She said that it is common for kids around 2 years old to stop eating a lot of things. I should talk to more people as I found this really reassuring. She suggested doing what we're doing, just putting the food in front of him and trying to include him but not making it stressful. She said he’ll be very aware if it seems like he can get some power over me by not eating. It sounded very calculated for a 2 year old, but I see what she means. Even through I try not to, I am probably very anxious at mealtimes, with the added pressure of these being recipes I’m testing. Maybe him not eating is down to my nervous nature. I’ll try really hard to calm down. 

These tarts are no good to puree or chop. But you could bake smaller ones, round ones the size of a slice of sweet potato then freeze them to serve one as a snack or a couple as a meal.