Ricotta & spinach dumpling with tomato compote (page 190)

Practical Playtime / Jobs For The Kids

  • Weigh the spinach.
  • Break the egg into a bowl.
  • Measure the flour.
  • Grate the Parmesan with as much supervision as they need. 
  • Weigh the ricotta.
  • Put the ricotta into the sieve. 
  • Weigh the tomato compote. 
  • Measure the olive oil.
  • Mix the ingredients in the food processor with as much supervision as they need.

My Cooking With Kids Recipe Diary

Jake 5 years 5 months, James 2 years 9 months 

I first cooked this for an article, when Jake was 2 & 1/2, about the age James is now. He ate a half portion of dumpling 4 times in 2 days. The dumpling heats up beautifully, in the sauce, on low in the microwave. So it is a real beauty for kids. Unfortunately James didn’t bear this out tonight. It's the end of the week and he's tired. But they both came in and made the dumplings. They just love their machines. 

Jake came in to help, helped me with some mussels we were having as well, and then went out to the dining room to make an aeroplane out of 3 toilet roll inners and one kitchen roll inner. Imagine being able to multi task between seafood, spinach dumplings and aero dynamics. I love the energy and I love looking into his mind in mine before I sleep.